Success Stories

We love showing off the success of our clients. Everyone here worked hard to achieve their weight loss goals and we commend them for their continued drive and persistence! Check back often to see updated pictures and follow their journeys.

Melena | Chicago, IL

"Since I've trained with Michael I have learned so much from how to push myself and knowing which foods are good for me and which are not. Michael is not just a regular trainer where he tells you what to do and that's it, he actually makes sure you're doing everything right and if you start to get lazy he will push you through it! The meal plan he gives is also great and if you ever have questions he is just a text or call away. During the workouts he also makes it fun and you can truly tell he enjoys what he does and have a passion for helping people and not in it for the money. I'm thankful I chose him to help me on my journey and with his help I am closer to my goal! These pics are about a month and a half apart, thanks Michael!"

Taiesha | Chicago, IL

"My weight loss journey hasn’t been easy, but I am soooo very proud of myself!! I’ve had days that I ate whatever I wanted, had multiple drink/shots, and didn’t work out!! Then, I’ve had days that I put in work at the gym, ate clean, and drunk nothing but water and more water!!!! I want to give a huge S/O to my coaches Michael A. Sanders and Kathleen A. Sanders for pushing and encouraging me to KEEP GOING!!! I appreciate y’all sooo much, but we not done I STILL GOT PLANS SO LETS GET IT!!!

First was taken in April!!

Anna | Chicago, IL

“The 1st picture was such a reality check for me.. Right after they took it and I saw it, I said What the F***  😭 .I was there celebrating a birthday but inside, just really down about everything else going on in my life.. Kyara’s passing, an unhappy relationship, and job I dreaded going to. 

I jumped online searching trainers and gyms, to start making some changes and came across Michael A. Sanders at DOPE Training! Which is one of the best things that happened to me, not even joking. I could’ve joined any gym but the support isn’t all the way there. I guess everyone can use a little, and sure it goes a long way.. For me it did, because here I am 5 months later, not only did I get a little healthier but I broke off from a lot of the negativity & looking forward for what’s to come. 

I’m focusing on taking care of myself and my surroundings. Thank you coach Mike and Kathleen. 💫"