*DOPE Dranks are available for delivery and pick-up only. For shipping orders please contact Coach Kay directly @ kathleen@dopetraining.com
Are you ready for a Drank 👀? The DOPE Drank Cleanse is a great way to cleanse your system, restore vitamins to your body, release toxins, and jump-start your weight loss journey! 
Each Cleanse consist of 6 Dranks:
	She Wrong For That Spice
	All That and A Bag of Kale
	It's Peanut Butter, Duh
	Bonita Apple Bomb
	Bout It, Bout It Berry
	Hella Mango
All Dranks are made fresh to order with all organic ingredients! Our Dranks are:
100% Plant-Based
No Preservatives
Packed with Plant Power!
Our cleanses consist of 6 Dranks that are made to order with fresh ingredients.
Benefits of a cleanse include:
	Helps burn body fat
	Curbs cravings
	Helps reduce bloating
	Remove toxins
	Reintroduce essential nutrients and vitamins to the body
	Improves overall health

Your order is confirmed when payment is received.
Please allow 3-4 days for turn around of order.

DOPE Drank Cleanse

  • DOPE Drank Instructions

    Your DOPE Drank Cleanse was made to order, therefore all of your Dranks need to be refrigerated AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after receiving them. (Shipped cleanses will be packaged with dry ice and should be refrigerated as soon as possible after you receive your delivery). 

    When to start your cleanse: 

    We recommend starting your cleanse within 24 hours after receiving it to guarantee freshness! (Remember, no preservatives are used in your Dranks)

    How do I use the cleanse to get the best possible results?

    • Your Dranks are numbered 1-6 and must be drunk in the order that they are numbered. 
    • You should have a Drank every 2 1/2 hours. We recommend starting earlier in the day (between 7 am and 9 am), to guarantee that you are able to finish all 6 Dranks.
    • The cleanse is meant to be consumed with water only. In order to experience the full benefits of the cleanse, you should only be consuming water. No other liquids, broths, or solids. 
    • We recommend a minimum of 64oz of water per day in order to experience the full benefits of your cleanse!
    • If you get dizzy or light-headed you can have two boiled eggs or a lightly dressed salad
    • Absolutely no dairy, meat, bread, or fruit
    • Keep vigorous exercising to a minimum



    Please send a picture directly to Coach Kay (the creator of DOPE Drank) of your starting and ending weight (all photos will be used anonymously). 

    Send your photos to Coach Kay at:

    Facebook @Kathleen A Sanders

    Snapchat @therealcoachkay

    Instagram @therealcoachkay

    If you have any other questions feel free to contact Coach Kay directly via the outlets above!


    Thank you for your purchase and, Happy Dranking!