Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the address?

1110 N 27th Ave, Melrose Park, IL 60160.

Is there free parking?

Yes. Free parking in the parking lot, 


How much does personal training cost?

We have 3 different prices and they're right here


Do I have to pay monthly?

No, we offer pay per session for a $60 drop-in rate and a paid in full option.


Why is the single session more than the monthly breakdown?

We believe in keeping it affordable but, also, holding our clients accountable with the monthly rate. We want committed clients that are willing to work hard so, the monthly payment guarantees it.


Do you offer weekly or bi-weekly payments?

No. Our prices are extremely affordable and we have pay dates to keep our payroll on track.


What are the due dates?

1st or the 15th of the month.


Am I able to change my payment date?

Yes, you can change it, once. If your payment is due on the 1st, you can change it to the 15th. If it’s the 15th, you can change it to the 25th of the month.


How do you accept payments?

We send invoices to your email or you can pay in your portal.


Do you offer automatic payments?

Yes, we do. We offer recurring payments through PayPal.


Can I cancel my recurring payments?

Yes, after your 3-month commitment. We ask for a 7-day written notice to cancel.


Is there a contract?

No, there’s no contract but we ask all new clients to commit to a minimum of 3 months to see results in a timely manner.


How long are the workouts?

45-minute sessions but, if you go over, that’s no problem.


Does DOPE Training offer a meal plan?

Yes. Meal plans are included in your personal training.


Do we have to follow the meal plan?

In order to get the most out of your training, the meal plan is important to follow.


What is your schedule?

We have 2  trainers that you can choose from and they have their own schedule.


For unused sessions, what is the credit policy?

You have 30 days to use the sessions you purchased unless an emergency happens. It's to ensure that you stay the course to achieve your goals.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 14-day refund policy.

Do you offer group classes?

Not at the moment because of COVID-19. Once we’re able to, it will be updated on the website,


Do you offer virtual training?

Yes, for individuals not in our 10-15 mile radius.


Are the prices different for virtual training?

No. They’re the same price for our training?


Do you offer a discount on training?

Our prices are affordable compared to our competitors. So the pricing is firm because it includes your workout, meal plan, health and nutrition coaching, and access to your trainer.


What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for a 4-hour window to cancel so we can offer your time slot to another client.


Do you offer make up sessions?

Yes but it depends on the circumstances. We understand life happens and we are willing to work with you on making up your schedule.


What if my schedule changes weekly?

We are extremely flexible with scheduling. We accommodate you and your needs.


How do you schedule?

Go to our website, and you’ll be able to book your time slot. Or you can message us and we will help you.


What if the time slot I want is unavailable?

It is first-come, first-serve but, we are willing to work with you on the time slots.

Do your offer a trial session?

Yes. It comes with your initial consultation.


Is DOPE Training abiding by COVID-19 guidelines?

Yes, we are. All our clients are 6 feet from each other. We ask you to wear a mask until you come in.


If I go on vacation, do I have to quarantine?

Yes. We ask for 2-week quarantine. We train all ages and we want to make sure everyone is safe.


Will I still have to pay for the month's quarantine?

No. We will pause your payment for that month.


Do you sanitize your equipment?

Yes. We sanitize all equipment with disinfectant spray and wipes as soon as our clients are done with their workouts and we sanitize before closing, every night.