In 2013, DOPE Training was established with hopes of creating a more encouraging fitness atmosphere.  People deserve to be around genuine coaches who truly care about their well-being and who can provide transparent feedback geared towards their success. We strive to provide a non-judgmental,  family rooted environment catered  for all to succeed. DOPE is an acronym for Determination, Optimism, Perseverance and Empowerment.


For anyone who has not trained with us before, we start them off slowly and gradually work their way up to advanced workouts. Our workouts consist of high intensity and strength in order to see the best results so that you can give it your all when you are in the gym and when you're not in the gym!


Due to COVID-19, your two favorite trainers are bringing the workout to you!! All you need is a mat, a bottle of water and 45 minutes of your time!


You're going to want more after this 45-minute class. The Blueprint incorporates every body part but it's only one rule: be better than your last set!



In order to see a change, you must commit to yourself. For six months, give us time to work on you and watch how much you change.


A year program will have you looking, feeling, and being your best. You'll have four different programs each quarter.


It's time to punch in and punch out. Make sure you never miss a class by grabbing a punchcard, giving you access to our group classes.





263 N York Street

Elmhurst, IL 60126

Tel: (630) 931-8053

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